Best Mid Price Hotel in London- Is the Apex City of London

London offers the travellers a great choice of Best Mid Price Hotel, starting from the super-luxury category – such as Claridge’s, The Dorchester and The Lanesborough – all the way down to the likes of Travelodge, a more than acceptable budget option.

The Apex City of London Hotel is one of the city’s highest-rated on TripAdvisor (currently in the top 20 London hotels) while managing to stay in the “mid-price” category. So while delivering standards of service and rooms that are in keeping with more expensive competitors, it manages to keep its pricing firmly under control.

The Best Mid Price Hotel is, therefore, able to marry good service with attractive prices – an all too rare combination.

Located within a walking distance of Tower Bridge, Apex City of London is well-linked to all forms of transportation, which makes it a good starting point for discovering London. Moreover, it is particularly convenient for the City of London financial district, which is why it is especially popular among business travellers.

Superior Quality Hotels In London Have The Benefit Of Staying

The hotel scores particularly highly on the friendliness and professionalism of its well-trained staff. Rooms are also spacious and modern – a rarity in London hotels. The Apex City is also well-acclaimed for considering customer feedback. Following guest requests, they have added extra lighting to the rooms and even extended the breakfast menu to include the baked beans that customers said they wanted!

Given its popularity, the hotel might be overbooked on some dates. An alternative for a good-quality stay would then be the nearby Hilton Tower Bridge, your next best option in the area.

To read more about these and other good-value hotels, do visit the independent London Hotels Insight blog, which bases its opinion on guest reviews as well as exclusive inside information on hotels in London.

Plan A Trip In Advance And Get Discount Hotels In London England

Finally, don’t forget that London has far more to offer than just the famous “sights” – including the lesser-known delights of East London including multicultural Brick Lane, trendy Hoxton and avant-garde Canary Wharf. The Apex City of London is therefore especially well-placed to explore the “secret London” that tourists often miss.

The author researches London hotels using the London Hotels Insight blog, which includes independent information on the best mid-price hotels based on TripAdvisor guest reviews.

Top Tips For London Tourist Discounts

Like any major city, London can be an expensive proposition for people who don’t research to find out about discounts and deals in and around town. If you come to London without a game plan regarding expenses, you can end up exceeding your budget by a significant margin. Luckily, there are several great ways to keep your travel budget in check, even when visiting this fascinating city. Learn more about saving big when touring London by reading more below.

Invest In A Pass

Several reputable companies offer London museum passes that will give you access to all of the top museums, landmarks and other popular tourist attractions in the city. Usually, such passes can be purchased in day-long increments; you can buy one for a single day, or several days in a row. Although their upfront cost might seem high when you total up how much visiting all of those places would cost you it adds up to a whole lot of savings.

Procure Cheap Theatre Tickets

There’s no need to pay full price for theatre tickets in London. If nothing else, head over to Leicester Square and check what’s on at the tkts discount ticket outlet. Assuming that you simply want to experience the London theatre. And don’t have your heart set on any particular show. You can save an incredible amount of money by checking at tkts first. Otherwise, call the box office and inquire about last-minute tickets for popular shows – they’re often significantly reduced.

Save Big On Hotel Accommodations

By being flexible – and willing to walk a bit more – you can stay at cheap hotels in London with ease. Any cheap hotel in London. That is within walking distance of a major landmark simply won’t be as inexpensive. As one that is a bit more off the beaten path. Unless there’s a compelling reason for needing to be a stone’s throw. From a hot tourist area. Focus your search for cheap hotels in London on less popular parts of town.

Keep Your Dining Expenses Low

Much like looking for a cheap hotel in London. When it’s time to eat avoid frequenting establishments. That are in the shadow of major landmarks and other attractions. Such places always cost far more money – and usually have much smaller portions to boot. Find out where the locals eat, then head there for lower prices and a more authentic London dining experience.

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