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Cheap Hotel Room Security, I travel a lot and I have only been ripped once and that was because I did not use my advice. In cheap hotels in Asia, many of the hotels and guesthouses have posted that you need to check your valuables at the front desk, but if you research it, many do not have a safe.

I think that using a front desk marks you as someone who has a lot to lose and makes you into a potential target. One place that I stayed at gave you an envelope and you were supposed to put it in that and that was the security, Think not!

So if you are staying at cheap hotels, guesthouses or serviced apartments there are some really easy and cheap things that you can do to protect yourself from loss on the road.

The biggest thing, remember to pack is your brain, think about your security, and think about it before you go on the road.

Bring some little locks. They just need to be strong enough that they will cause some damage when removed; this will keep the maids honest Cheap Hotel Room Security.

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If you have the weight allowance bring a bike cable and lock, you can do lots of stuff with that combination like closets and tables drawers you can lock them and give yourself some space for things like camera bags, smartphones and other expensive electronics. If not you can lock your bag or luggage, and then lock it to a piece of large furniture.

I don’t recommend hiding money in rooms, but sometimes that is going to be your best option. High is better than low and inside machinery is someplace that most people normally will not go in a cursory search. I have hidden stuff in fans before, as well as air conditioners and under the TV.

Something that you can bring with you that takes no space or weight, and cost virtually nothing, is zip ties that the electricians use.

Some airlines in Asia are now handing out zip ties when you check your bags, an idea is to use that to lock your bag and then tape an extra for the airport security people to reclose after they search your bag, which if you are heading to the USA is a given these days.

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In some poorer countries, I have seen it where they reach into the room with long poles and pull bags and clothes out of the windows so make sure that the windows are closed and that you have valuables so that they can not be seen from windows.

I saw one time where they created a diversion and then reached into a room during the daytime with the room occupants 10 feet away!

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