Cheap Hotels in London With Positive Customer Reviews

Cheap Hotels in London, the idea is to let you finish this article having in your hand a Top 5 of hotels in London that accomplish the following conditions: they are some of the cheapest hotels in London, and at the same time they have positive customer feedback so that they should be within the ones that have a good quality related to the price. Isn’t it what we are all looking for?

So, here below is the ranking of cheap hotels in London. To take a reference, I have decided that I would consider cheap hotel any establishment where rooms are priced at less than 90 Euros per night.

1. Gatwick Belmont Guest House Hotel London

This is the number one, and that is because it has managed to get a 5 out of 5 in consumer rating reviews and it is considered a 3 stars hotel with prices that start at 67 Euros for the room.

The only problem that it may have is that it is not placed in a central location. It is in fact in the area of one of the secondary airports that London has.

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In any case, as in the criteria for evaluation, I don’t take into account the distance to the centre, I think it deserves the 1st position.

2. Mehfil Hotel London

This one is a bit closer, just in the middle between Windsor and Heathrow Airport areas. The second position is because it is a 3 stars hotel that has had a customer evaluation of 4.5 out of a 5 points system. The prices for rooms begin at 74 Euros.

3. Sara Hotel London

The Sara Hotel has only 1 star and the reason why it is placed here is that guests decided that far from what the stars system says, they felt that staying there was about 4.5 points out of 5.

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Almost probably this is one of this little cozy hotels where you can stay if you are not looking for any big luxury and where you will receive familiar customer service. Not being centric, it is placed within the area that we can consider Greater London.

4. Days Hotel North Gateway London

Even if the price is just reaching the limit, this hotel will surely give you a very pleasant stay. I have chosen this one not only because of the punctuation of 4.5 out of 5 but for the elevate number of votes that it received and the reduced dispersion in the results.

It is considered a 3 stars hotel and the price for the rooms start at 87 Euros the night and it is placed in the Luton Area.

5. Holiday Inn Heathrow Ariel Hotel

Finally, closing the top5 classification, I am happy to introduce you to the Holiday Inn Ariel Hotel. This one claims to be in this selection because it is ranked as a 4 stars hotel but room prices start at just 90 Euros the night, which sounds like a great deal.

Consumer rating is 4.5 out of 5 points, and as the name suggests, it is placed within the Heathrow airport area.

This is the end of the classification for cheap hotels in London. Still, I always recommend looking at the places that offer travel certificates, as you would almost probably get 4-star hotels at 90% discounted prices in most occasions and you can get this certificate for free simply by downloading them or writing the code in the redemption page.

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