Finding Cheap Hotels in the Caribbean This Spring Break

It is not without good reason that year after year two of the most popular spring break. Destinations among college students are Cancun Finding Cheap Hotels (Mexico) and Florida (USA).

Both locations offer tropical climates with well-established cultures of all-night poolside parties alongside a range of exciting water-based activities.

With so many great deals for hotels this season. It is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the slow economic climate and grab a bargain.

Cancun is situated on the Yucatan Peninsula in East Mexico. Which extends out to the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea Finding Cheap Hotels.

An entire district is known at the ‘hotel zone’ caters to spring breakers with night. After night of poolside parties and spectacular nightclub events Finding Cheap Hotels.

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The standards in Cancun are very high and even the cheap hotels offer excellent quality accommodation.

But spring break in Cancun is centred around one thing and that is the nightlife. The elaborate decoration and lighting show that set the club scene apart from others gives the entire ‘hotel zone‘ the feel of being one giant spring break festival.

CocoBongo is a particularly extraordinary nightclub that combines. All the traditional elements (DJ, light shows, projected animation). With a variety of mind-boggling entertainment that set the venue apart from your typical clubbing experience.

Acrobats, including former members of the prestigious Cirque Du Soleil, perform breathtaking feats as the party erupts around them.

But party culture is just a tiny part of what this exciting destination has to offer. And with such beautiful surroundings. It would be a shame not to take advantage of some of the fantastic excursions and activities on offer.

Booking a trip to the natural paradise of Contoy Island. Is a great way to break up the partying and experience the wonder of the Mexican Caribbean.

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The beaches at Contoy are shallow and the waters calm, making it an ideal location for snorkelling. And is thus home to an astonishing array of underwater life.

Another popular destination with spring break party. Animals is the Caribbean Island of Key West in the US state of Florida.

The island benefits from the warm currents of the Gulf of Mexico. Which means the ocean is of a noticeably higher temperature. Than you will find on any of Florida’s mainland beaches.

The hotels in Key West are surprisingly affordable, which explains the island’s increasing popularity with college students over recent years.

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And although the area is fairly busy year-round. The atmosphere comes alive during spring break as partygoers. Descend on the notoriously rowdy bars in the thousands.

Rock fans should make their way to Durty Harry’s (on Duval Street). Where you can see a selection of bands playing from 8 pm right the way through 4 am.

This old school bar has real character and makes a nice change. Sports fans will be glad of the 20 huge HD flatscreens. Which show all major sporting events.

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