Top Hotels in London- Always Open For Your Vacation

When people in the know are asked to name the top hotel in London, one name crops up again and again, and that is the Connaught Top Hotels in London.

If you ever get the chance to stay there, then take it with both hands. You may well ask what it is that makes the Connaught Hotel so very special to almost always be listed so high, and it is an amalgam of things, some definable some not obvious at all.

Firstly and very obviously is the level of service, very low key, very unobtrusive, very effective, from staff who are unfailingly courteous.

The Connaught Hotel has got a real club-like atmosphere, and this may be because the staff are almost all so loyal and long service they are like old retainers in the best and nicest possible way.

Breakfast Hotel In London- Choosing A Best One

The clientele all seem to have a certain class to them. They seem to be the kind of people with old fashioned values who are naturally attracted to the atmosphere in the Connaught.

This can be a little off-putting if you let it, to a first-timer, but in no time at all, you will be imbued with the real feeling of belonging such is the easy way you are integrated into the Connaught family.

This is English luxury in the modern sense and Edwardian elegance living together. Described extremely well as white-gloved elegance, the Connaught Hotel proudly stands for all that is best in the fine traditions of English hospitality.

Looking For Hotels In London Is Not As Daunting As You Might Think

All too often in the 21st century, fine old buildings with ageless and timeless elegance in their fixtures and fittings are frankly mutilated to accommodate a few more bedrooms in the name of modernisation, when in fact it is more about cash flow. Hotel chains sacrifice class on the altar of money and hide it behind the outside shell of a beautiful building.

Not so the Connaught Hotel. Where there are alterations they are done with subtlety, tact and class, and more to the point in such a way that you would hardly notice. Some things change the Connaught Hotel remains constant, and thank goodness.

Three Top Hotels in London for Business Travel

London is a popular city for business travel, with several major airports with easy reach of the city, including Heathrow and Gatwick Airport.

Taxi and shuttle services from either of these airports provide an easy and very convenient way to get into the city.

If you’re entertaining clients in London and need an excellent, high-quality business hotel for their accommodation, you’ll need to consider the location, size and facilities. Here are three top hotels in London suitable for business travellers.

The Lanesborough

The Lanesborough is a luxury hotel situated in Knightsbridge, which is a very prestigious area in the city. With 93 ensuite rooms, the hotel is a good size to accommodate larger groups.

Designed with a refined and sophisticated edge, rooms have all the mod cons you would expect. Free Wi-Fi and laptops are offered in every room, and there’s even a free butler service.

A top-class restaurant, fitness centre and spa complete the facilities provided here. Making it an ideal venue to cater to business travellers.

Langham Hotel London

It has 15 meeting rooms and there are also facilities to help if you need assistance in planning an event. With its fitness centre, pool, and even free champagne cocktails, business guests will be impressed with this choice. It is also perfectly located for your clients or guests to indulge in some West End shopping.

Royal Garden Hotel

This lively and attractive hotel has almost 400 rooms. Located in the borough of Kensington, the hotel fits in perfectly with the vibrant environment.

Rooms are contemporary and stylish, fitted with TVs, iPod docks, kettles and minibar. Guests can make use of the fitness suite, the spa and two excellent onsite restaurants. There are several meeting rooms for seminars or conferences as well.

How to Get There

London is a well-served city for business travellers. Most visitors arrive by Eurostar right into the centre of London Kings Cross. Or on a domestic or international flight to Heathrow or Gatwick Airport.

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